399 words about Professional Photographer Igor

Hi there and thanks for stopping by! I know you are here for a reason, because you believe (as I do) that photography really matters and can add depth and meaning to your life, not just today, but years down the road.

My name is Igor and I’m an professional wedding photographer based in the big and beautiful Dallas-Fort Worth, TX.

I was born in Spain's Costa del Sol and I raised up both in sunny Spain and snowy Sweden. I graduated from Stockholm University with a major in geography.

I have to tell you that I was not born with a camera in my hand, and I'm not going to tell you that I'm the best wedding photographer in the world or that I have a lot of fancy awards collecting dust. It's my goal to let my photos do most of the talking and I hope that they convey my deep love and appreciation for beautiful and creative wedding photography.

I'm also not going to tell you the cheesy photographer story that one day as a kid "my grandfather gave me a camera and since then everything has been a marvelous photographic journey", because it hasn't. I have enjoyed many diverse interest and jobs through my life, but photography has nevertheless been an important way for me to express my artistic side since my early years.

One day in my early twenties I was deciding between different career choices and two of my biggest passions, I was split between becoming a professional pilot or a professional photographer. After "flipping a coin" I decided to move to Florida for flight training. After 14 years and a successful pilot career, including jobs as a USAFA flight instructor, corporate and airline pilot, I decided to change gears and give my other passion a serious go. I quickly started to gain momentum as a part time wedding photographer until I made it my only and current full time career, since then I have never looked back, I'm incredible happy and grateful for it, and I hope you are to, wink, wink! (;

I'm confident to tell you that I'm not your ordinary wedding photographer

I'm definitely not the wedding photographer for everyone. I want to get to know you as much as I want you to get to know me, it's important in order to create the wedding photography that you deserve. I value and respect my clients and they respect, value me and my art. You will never hear me tell you "say cheese" or do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. I believe that the best smile is a real one and often, it's OK not to. I thrive on capturing a mixture of creative images, contemporary poses, true wedding emotion, as well as a few unexpected humorous moments.

I believe in my wedding photography as both work of art and as the perfect way to document your wedding story. I photograph for both your story line and to create stand alone pieces of photo art that stand the change of time.

Me and my assistant would love to collaborate creatively with you and your wedding vendors to make your vision for your wedding photos a reality. We are determined to make a positive difference in the lives of others by creating memorable experiences, artful wedding photos and family heirlooms .

What I can offer you as a person and as a wedding photographer at the same time?

  • Professionalism and experience, over 10 years of photographing weddings and over 100 successful weddings!
  • All my enthusiastic creativity, all my love about telling your story with award-wining wedding photography!
  • My artistic wedding photography, editing style, and eye for joyful, candid and funny wedding photos!
  • Easy going and friendly personality!
  • Photo/Film coordination with the couple, guests and vendors by my assistant Meaghan
  • State of the art professional cameras, photo equipment and backups for our peace of mind!
  • Outstanding second photographers and film crew to help out with the shoot.
  • Ideas, advice, help and quality vendor referrals!
  • Amazing custom designed wedding albums and exclusive wedding photography products!
  • Wedding cinematography/videography and photo booth rental!
  • A fully legal and insured photography business with a 2 million dollar liability insurance coverage!
  • And maybe a lame joke or two!

Other Igor Facts

  •     I primarily look for friends and beautiful wedding stories, not clients.
  •     I have a Photography Diploma from the University of Texas at Arlington.
  •     I have a Bachelors of Science degree with a major in Geography.
  •     I have a degree in Professional Aeronautics from ERAU.
  •     I'm a licensed ATP Pilot and Flight Instructor.
  •     B-day April 21st.
  •     I'm fluent in English, Spanish and Swedish.
  •     I'm 6'4" tall and I love my Swedish memory foam king size bed.
  •     I edit at night when everyone is asleep!
  •     I shoot full frame SONY and NIKON.
  •     Favorite camera brand: none, at least until I get sponsored by a major brand :)
  •     24mm and 85mm are my favorite lenses.
  •     I love animals, especially sugar gliders and my Catahoula dog Iris, she is totally crazy OCD and I love it!
  •     My hobbies: Art, Sports, Animals, Fishing, Food, Travel, Diving, Music, Movies, Reading and Aviation.
  •     I can surf online all day long and experience a mixture of time travel, deja vu and time loss??
  •     I also photograph for my private pleasure, personal projects, mostly "light painting at night".
  •     One day I got attacked by a pesky ostrich, but I won! I shot it a few times.....with the camera, It's true!

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Hire an experienced award winning and trusted wedding photographer!

Hire an experienced award winning and trusted wedding photographer!