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At IGOR Photography, we love coming up with new inventive ways to inspire our couples to want to see their wedding images in a different light ! We are working on some new techniques here at the studio and can not wait to share them with you all very soon. In a few weeks we are going to share a jaw dropping way to see your wedding photos. Stay tuned and please feel free to follow us on Facebook,

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I have been contacted by a big TV production company and have been asked if I could help them find cross-cultural and interfaith couples that are getting married in 2015 and that are interested in telling their story in a prime time TV documentary, they are looking for couples that have family members that may disapprove their marriage due to race, culture, sex, class or other issues. If you get selected for the documentary you will be very generously compensated, the payment should pay for a very nice wedding (including my wedding photography, wink, wink). If you are interested, please contact me with a brief bio and tell my why you think you will be a good candidate at:, or  682-233-5367, please read the information below before you contact me to see if you are a good fit:

Additional information directly from the TV production company:
"We are seeking Interfaith couples who are destined to be together, but have someone in their family that doesn't approve of the relationship. We'd like to bring the family together before the wedding in hopes of allowing the couple to have their dream wedding, with all of their family members in attendance. The show aims to prove that love can conquer all, and that no one should miss a loved one's special day because of miscommunication or any other adversity.

First and foremost, we want to share the couple’s love story and follow them along their journey down the aisle. We don’t want anyone to change their lives while they are sharing their story, so everyday should be life as normal: work, laundry, shoveling snow, cake tastings-whatever their day to day life already is, we would like to follow it. In asking family members to participate, we want to share the ups and down’s that come with major life event, and sometimes, it doesn’t go as planned.

Our dream is to bring the couples together with their loved ones and initiate a dialogue of openness. We will bring in experts to help facilitate this process. We are hoping to showcase couples who are cross-cultural and interfaith. These are situations that many families still struggle with and we’d like to follow this journey in hopes to give open-mindedness and empathy a platform.

For couples who are willing to share their story, the program would do anything they could to make their wedding day special. There is also very generous compensation in return for allowing us on their journey. We want to have the couple be able to start their married life off with the support of their family, as well a nest egg to celebrate their new life together.

I'd also like to reassure you that this new series will be done as a documentary and NOT reality drama. For couples who are willing to share their story, the program would do anything they could to make their wedding day special. There is also very generous compensation to the couples in return for allowing us on their journey".