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Proposal Photography at the Enchant Christmas Maze


I love proposal photography, there are always so many raw emotions at display and I really enjoy the anticipation, the planning for the perfect capture and the big surprise. This past Christmas I got the privilege to photograph a beautiful proposal between Michelle and Matt at the perfect Christmas location; The Enchant Christmas Light Maze in Arlington.

Matt contacted me a few weeks before Christmas to plan the shoot, we went through the game plan and agreed to scout out the event in advance in order to find out the best spot for the proposal to take place.

Most proposal photography that I do are shot in true "paparazzi style", the fiancee never knows that there is a photographer until the actual proposal has been made, then I jump into the action and reveal myself and get some close ups shots of the couple, in this occasion I also shot a short portrait session around the Christmas Maze.

This proposal was very fun but presented us with some challenges that we had to take into consideration. It was a cold day before Christmas eve and the event was completely full with people. Another challenge was the proposal shoot had to take place at night, and I didn't want to start using the flash to early and risk to compromise the surprise factor.

But with careful planning, the right photo gear, selection of location and the right timing we got the perfect proposal photos that we are known for at IGOR Photography.

The proposal moment:Did she say yes?, It's pretty safe to say that she did judging by her smile from ear to ear!

Michelle was so surprised and her face lit up in awe and happiness when Matt kneel down, her smile was priceless and the joy and love was at full display. These are the kind of moments that I live for, it makes me so happy to witness and it makes me believe in goodness and in humankind. I always get very emotional and my heart beats fast. It's so exciting!

I continued to shoot through Michelle and Matt's reactions, smiles and laughter. After the proposal, Michelle and Matt walked through the maze, got some hot chocolate in the cold, and I continued to take candid photos of them as they were walking and interacting. We also did a few posed photos when I saw a great backdrop. 

It was the perfect proposal photo session, so much fun and we got some amazing looking photos!

I wish more people would hire a professional proposal photographer in Dallas and Fort Worth, it's such a joyful and important moment to capture properly. 

Contact us today for Dallas-Fort Worth or destination wedding photography and photo sessions, we would love to chat about how we can get you unique paparazzi style proposal photos!



New Proposal Trends

When making wedding plans, having a photographer isn't even a question that needs to be asked.
Why not start documenting from the very beginning ? The Proposal.
It's an equally important day, that is personal and very special.

Remember that although you are discussing marriage and possibly documenting your groom/bride proposing to you, the element of surprise can still be included in keeping the moment , time and place a well kept secret.

The proposal can sometimes be thought of as "The best day ever" it's the beginning of your future together and not only will you have the stories to tell your family, friends and loved ones you can show them , it will be as if they were present and reliving every moment with you.

The photographer you choose for your proposal (hopefully your wedding photographer as well)  he should ask you things like How did you two meet, exactly what moments you want captured, anything significant he should know, take a detailed walk through of the location to find the best spots to secure himself, and maybe even offer up ideas and suggestions . He should also be discreet and capture every moment to the second your fiance drops down to their knee , to the moment your partner says Yes!

 Also, remember when proposing to your significant other, the bigger the gesture doesn't always mean better. Don't over think it, residing with simplicity and genuine emotions are going to relate so much more to your partner. Go with just an intimate setting with the two of you, it helps calm the nerves and for you to just focus on the reason for you being there and the task at hand. Try going to somewhere you two frequent or a place you've always discussed visiting and haven't gone yet.

Thinking about popping the question to your special loved one ? Want to make it even more special and relive this event forever? Contact Igor Wedding photography , lets capture your beautiful moment!