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Las Vegas Destination Wedding Photography


At IGOR Photography we love to photograph destination weddings and portrait sessions at different locations, and one of our favorite wedding destinations is Las Vegas, Nevada.


This wedding shoot was a little bit different than a our typical wedding in Fort Worth or Dallas. "Sin City" is a city full of life, energy and with some amazing backdrops for the type of wedding photography that we like to capture. Las Vegas is a perfect complement to our emotional and artistic style of wedding photography.

On this trip to Las Vegas we mainly shot at the famous Las Vegas Strip, both during the day and night, and we captured the beautiful couple in the middle of all the buzzing midday city activities, we wanted to include the walking tourists on the stripe and some famous landmarks such as The Bellagio Hotel and Casino.

This was such a enjoyable shoot, our beautiful couple Charm and Andrey were having a lot of fun at the different locations that we walked to during the photos session, we did a combination of some traditional posed portraits with some stunning architecture and Casinos as a backdrop, and also some lifestyle action shots as they were interacting with each other and enjoying a walk at the famous Las Vegas Strip. It was a very organic and natural way of shooting a bride and groom session, with no awkward or forced posing, this is how we shoot at IGOR Photography.

Contact us today to talk about your destination wedding or engagement session, we would love to create some epic photos for you that fully show your personality and happiness.