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The Portrait & Legend Of Sankta Lucia


Today on December 13th, it's Sankta Lucia (Saint Lucy) day, and to honor this beautiful Swedish tradition, I created my version of the Swedish Sankta Lucia.

For many, many years Lucia has brought faith, hope, and a reason to believe in good things to come during the darkest time of the year.

Santa Lucia will bring us light and hope in the darkest day of the year.

Her legend stems from Syracuse on the island of Sicily. It is thought that during a time when the rulers of the land did not look favorably upon Christianity, a woman named Lucia had devoted her life to God and the poor. She gave her entire dowry to the poor, and the man she was to marry was very upset by this. Lucia was put on trial, refused to renounce her Christian beliefs and was declared a witch. She was to be burned at the stake but when the guards tried to light the fire it would not light. Ultimately, she was stabbed, became a saint and legend.

Several countries in Europe celebrate Saint Lucy day. I grow up with this holiday tradition in Sweden and it's very close to my heart. I hope you like my Sankta Lucia!