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Better posing for your wedding pictures - Directed Flow Posing


Better Posing For Wedding = Better Wedding Photos

Correct and flattering posing in wedding photography is paramount for successful and attractive wedding photos.

Pease don't tell us that you don't like posed photos, what you don't like is awkward and unflattering photos due to no posing directions or straight out bad posing. Even with the most flattering location, light and angle, direct instructions must be given to the wedding couple. You don't have to be a professional model to improve your photos with better posing from a professional wedding photographer!

But first, let's talk what posing is and most importantly what "good posing " is. For our intentions, the traditional definition of posing is to place the body in a suitable position or attitude for a picture, tableau, or the like, for an artist such a wedding photographer or painter.

At IGOR Photography we don't usually use "traditional posing", since we believe that it can make you look too static and unnatural.

Posing doesn't have to be a static held position, over the top dramatic body position or an unnatural way to stand that makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Directed Flow Posing

A lot of people have a negative idea and feeling about what posing is and feels like. Maybe because what they seen models do on TV, or because of their parents contrived wedding album pictures or due to uncomfortable high school yearbook picture sittings. We all have seen or experience this, so it's understandable that we feel some resistance to being posed in front of a camera.

At IGOR Photography we use a technique that we call "directed flow posing", we direct the subject into a starting pose, and make small adjustments one at the time after that, it's a constant flow, where we encourage subject interaction and movement, the subtle variation from shot to shot is what makes it natural looking, relaxed and more fun.

It's a very natural and organic way of posing, we like to make it fun and relaxed, and it's shows in our photos. We use very subtle directions and adjustments, we let the subject to move and interact with each other, creating a more intimate and organic feeling.

Let's talk about how you can take some of our posing techniques for better posing for wedding photos and make your next photography session or wedding photos much better.

Use the KISS principle - "Keep it simple stupid"

Don't try to do to much with your posing, less is often more when it comes to posing for wedding pictures.

Start with your Feet

Posing starts with the feet. For the bride's posing. Plant one foot slightly in front of the other,  bend the front knee, point your toe to the camera and shift your weight on your back leg and away from the camera. This achieves the classic hourglass silhouette.

For the groom is better to face the camera more or less straight towards the camera and with the feet slightly apart.

"Bend it like Beckham"

Keep the elbows bent and slightly way from the body, this forms a small gap that shows the waistline, the s-curve and slim downs the body. Most of the joints in the body should have a slight bend, it looks softer and more relaxed that way.

Men can keep their arms slightly bent against their body.

Let's Twist it

For the bride, turn your body about 45 degrees away from the camera and put the arm closest to the camera on your hip or slightly bent next to your body. This will make you look slimmer, curvier and it will ensure that the arm will not get flatted against your body.

Men can keep the feet slightly positioned away from the camera and turn their upper body squared against the camera to acentuate broad shoulders and a smaller waist.

Straighten the Spine = Good Posture

You mother probably always said to you as a child, "straighten your back honey", and she was so right. Standing up straight really does make a difference for the health of your back and your physical appearance. Not only will it make you look taller, but it will also give you a look of strength and confidence, which is naturally attractive to both genders.

Be asymmetrical

Bend your joints, dip one shoulder or hip, make sure that your arms are at different heights, or bend one leg a little more than the other.

Remember your hands

Try to keep your hands open and relaxed. it's often best to show the side of your hand. You can also grab a part of your dress or suit with your hands to make it feel and look relaxed. Men can keep their hands in their pockets or hold the jacket or cuffs. 

When the couple is engaging each other its important that hands are either touching each other or holding on into each other. Show intimacy!

Intimacy and "directed flow posing".


Use your tongue

This is a great and weird trick, but it works very well. It might feel strange, but by pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling is a great way to help avoid the unflattering double chin, as it elongates your neck and your jawline.

Pull your ears forward

This bring brings the chin forward to create a strong jawline and also minimizes double chin.

Add some movement & Interaction

In directed flow posing we always encourage the subjects to talk and laugh to each other about anything in order to get more emotional and organic photos. We also like to have the couples and wedding party walk, dance and move to create more dynamic lively wedding photos.

Don’t be a follower

In order to get some interesting and great group shots its best to not have the group do the same thing, since it's often looks boring that way, everyone is of different heights and shapes, and it often looks like a forced mishmash" of people. It's better to have everyone stand slightly different.

Don't say cheese

Smiling and looking good in photos is often not that easy as it seems. If you don't smile you risk to look bored or angry, but if you smile to much you often look silly instead. It's best to smile in a relaxed and natural way without overdoing it.

When you smile to much on purpose you face get's tense, you show to much teeth, your eyes squint and you wrinkle up, it's not the look that you want! The key is to smile naturally and in moderation.

I hope that you have learned a few posing techniques and that you realize that posing doesn't have to be awkward, that instead it's a crucial ingredient in obtaining stunning wedding pictures.

IGOR Photography's "Directed Flow Posing" system is a surefire way to obtain those organic and natural looking wedding pictures that we are known for. Being able to quickly come up with a variety of poses that suits the couple and the occasion is an important skill that Dallas wedding photographers develop through practice and experience.

Great and effective posing is an art form that takes a lot of time to master. Make sure that you hire a wedding photographer that has the right posing skills to make you look fantastic!