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Star Map Art For Your Wedding Day- A Review


I had the opportunity to receive an unique and very cool product from Modern Map Art.

They make different products as wall art, pillows and shirts with custom maps.

In my case I got the Star Map Poster that's a great gift for a wedding couple or for the couple to buy and display at their reception table. It could even serve as a backdrop for guest to write their best wishes and notes on.

The map came very well packed in a a protective paper roll with extra protective gift wrapping tissue.

The map I received was a 16x20 Star Map that I custom designed on their website, you can choose the size, if you wanted framed, the color, text, font and date. So you can have the Star Map from your wedding day!

The quality of the print and paper is excellent and the paper is the right kind if you want the guests to write on it with a pen.

I highly recommend this product as a wedding gift and for couples that want something original for their wedding day. It's a great alternative to a regular wedding guest book if you design it the right way.