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A Pretty Simple Guide to Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations can seem overwhelming. Where do you shop for them? How much will they cost? And what else needs to be included aside from the main invite? These are all great questions that every bride asks herself. Unfortunately, some brides don’t get the answers they need and in turn feel stressed throughout the wedding invitation process.

Ordering wedding invitations online can be a super simple process once you know what your doing. Thanks to Basic Invite and the tips they’re bringing us today on what to order, when to order, and answers to the age-old etiquette dilemma all of you brides-to-be will be invitation pros in no time.

From the start of you engagement all the way to post-nuptials there are endless opportunities to incorporate wedding stationery into your festivities. Here’s what Basic Invite offers:

- Engagement announcements and invitations

- Bridal shower invitations

- Save the dates

- Wedding invitations and enclosure cards

- Wedding day stationery

- Guest books

- Thank you notes

- Wedding announcements

Personalize your wedding invitations with photos for a more personal touch!

Personalize your wedding invitations with photos for a more personal touch!


So, what all goes into a wedding suite?

A straightforward question with a not-so-straightforward answer but once you know your options and weigh those against your needs it’s easy to navigate.

Start with the wedding invitation. This is going to be the main focus of your suite. Be sure to include all the main event details here – who, what, where, when, and why.

Next, the enclosure cards – a rule of thumb to follow is if it doesn’t apply let it fly. Not every couple needs to include every enclosure card. Enclosures include rsvp, direction, accommodation, reception, and registry cards.

How should a wedding invitation suite be put together?

There are a couple options when it comes to how an invitation suite is assembled.

Option one, go for a standard suite where each card it stacked on top of one another then secured with a belly band or ribbon to keep each suite placed nicely inside of their envelope.

Option two, opt for a pocket. These are a fancy and super organized way to deliver your invites. The invitation will be placed on the left inside flap and each enclosure will be nicely stacked on top of each other on the right inside flap where each card will be showcased flawlessly. Fold up the pocket and secure it with a sticker for a crisp look. It’s all up to you and what suites your style.

What is the proper wedding invitation etiquette?

There are various ways to follow proper wedding etiquette and when it comes to invitations there are two categories to consider.

The first being timeline. Timing for wedding invitations is vital because you want to ensure your guests have ample time to check their calendar, respond, and prepare for your special day. Following the easy timeline guide below will help make things run smoothly.

8+ months – start shopping, playing around with design customizations, and order a custom samples

6+ months – order your save the dates and choose your wedding colors

4+ months – send your save the dates and order your wedding invitations

3+ months – mail your wedding invitations and order your wedding day stationery

2 weeks after – send out your thank you notes and order your wedding announcements

Next, wording. This is where things can get tricky, but don’t stress too much on wording etiquette. Use your best judgment especially when inviting someone divorced, remarried, or in a non-martial relationship. Etiquette can be taken to a whole other level when secular traditions are involved. Luckily Basic Invite has done all the hard work for you by creating a guide to help you out.

Check out these easy to read guides on wedding etiquette and wording examples.

Choosing a style and design is easy and once you know the ins and outs of it all so is creating a custom invitation suite for you! Don’t forget to use coupon code 15FF51 at checkout for 15% off your order and follow Basic Invite on all social media platforms at @basicinvite for all the invitation inspiration you can handle!



A Guide to Beautiful Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations are an integral part of a wedding’s theme and the “mood” you want to set for your ceremony. After all, if the purpose were to solely inform the guests of the details of the event, then you could just send an mass email or standard postcard. However, the invitation also serves as a souvenir of a special occasion, and an announcement of a couple’s love. Like the wedding ceremony itself, it should be beautiful and personal.

Selecting the Wedding Invitation’s Design

There are thousands of ready-made wedding invitations to choose from; simply select a design, choose a photo, send the details, and the printer can have it ready within weeks. With such a wide selection, it may be difficult to pick which one is best. Here are the things to consider:

  • Formal or casual. You want a wedding invitation to complement the overall theme and mood of the wedding. Is your wedding formal or casual? A formal wedding may need classic script fonts, formal wording, and the traditional double envelope. A more casual invitation may use more modern fonts and more natural wording (i.e., instead of “we cordially invite you”, say “please join us…”) and an engagement photo, but care must be taken to retain the solemnity of the occasion. Let’s say you want to enclose a photo of you and your fiancé—not typically done for more traditional invitations. Wear appropriate clothes to the engagement photo shoot: shorts and tank tops simply don’t work for this photo session.
  • Color. You should always choose a subdued color. If you are using a rather bright color for your motif, like turquoise, opt for a delicate ribbon trim or small accents at the sides or corners rather than applying it to the whole invitation. This makes the invitation look more classy, and again, is in keeping with the nature of the event. It’s a wedding, not a party at a trendy night club.
  • Personal Touches. You can add a short poem, a photo of the engaged couple, or a song lyric from the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Invitation Inserts, templates and personalization

Most wedding invitation companies can provide a selection of templates where you just have to fill in the specific names, include photos, places and dates. However, many couples prefer to make their own, to make the invitation less stiff and more personalized. If so, here are a few guidelines:

  • It is not necessary to put the entourage in the invitation. However, you can have a separate piece of paper listing the members that can be inserted in select invitations—specifically those that go to the entourage themselves, and to the more immediate family and friends. They would appreciate the souvenir; plus, it is a way of thanking them for their participation.
  • Include a nice engagement photo in the invitation to make it more personal and modern
  • You’d never forget to put the date and the venue, but many couples forget to put a map to the church and/or reception area. A map would be very helpful, and would save many guests any inconvenience especially if the wedding is located in a place they are unfamiliar with.
  • If you are trying to control the number of guests, insert a small card that says, “We have reserved __ seats for you.” This is a subtle and polite way of minimizing the headcount.
  • If you are moving to a new home after the wedding, you can include another small insert announcing your new address.

Regardless if you choose a pre-made template or you create your wedding invitation from scratch, make sure that you put your personal touch to it, it doesn't have to be complicated, you can even include a handwritten note to add that personal touch to it. Have fun in making your beautiful and personal wedding invitation!