The day of your wedding marks the beginning of your marriage. You will vow yourself to your true love and spend the rest of your lives together. All of your closest loved ones will gather to celebrate your new path in life. In fact, there is one very important loved one that can attend your wedding that you may not have even thought of. This, of course, would be your beloved pet!

Take a Look at Things You Can Do with Your Wedding Photos

Your furry friend can attend your big day, and your list of loved ones will be truly complete. However, with such an unpredictable guest, you may be worried about how your pet will look within your wedding photos. Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can be sure that your pet will look incredible in each image captured.

Here at IGOR Photography, as Dallas wedding photographers, we believe that pets are family, and shouldn’t be excluded from such an important day. That’s why we have put together a few very important tips for photographing your pet at your own wedding. To learn how you can capture truly stunning photos of your furry friend, feel free to continue reading:

  • Bribe Them. When you want your pet to do something, such as sit or lay down, you can bribe them with a treat. This may also work when you tempt them with their favorite toy. You can use this clever little trick for your wedding photos as well. As soon as your pet sees their favorite treat, or toy, their face will light up with that adorable grin, and your photographer will have an easier time capturing them.

  • Be Patient. Your pet loves you so much. They can interpret your emotions through your tone of voice and your mannerisms. It’s your wedding day, so stay calm and be patient with your precious pet. They adore you and want you to have an amazing day too. So, if you are patient with them, you can capture some truly stunning photos.

  • Cut Out Distractions. One sure-fire way to have your pet not cooperate, is by choosing a photo location with an abundance of distractions. You can limit your stress and the difficulty of photographing your pet by limiting the distractions during photo time. Only have the people who you want present in your photos attending. This way, your pets’ focus can be on the camera, and not on the surroundings.

  • Designate a Helper. From your bridesmaids and groomsmen to your family members, there are likely at least a couple of people who your pet is familiar with. During your wedding, there will be plenty of instances when you will need a little assistance with your furry friend. Designating a person to assist you with the care of your pet, whether it is your parents or your bridesmaids, will save you a headache. They can ensure that your pet is properly taken care of for photos and enjoying themselves while you also pose for your own pictures.

Your pet can be a big part of your wedding day, as well as your wedding photos! These are just a few ways in which you can keep you pet calm for your own wedding photos.

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