Your engagement should certainly be celebrated! After all, you are no longer dating, but not yet wed, so you are in a time known as “marriage limbo”, which will be over in the blink of an eye. So, don’t you want to savor the moment?

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However, in order to really add some fun to your engagement photos, you will want to utilize some props! Are you aware of some of the most festive props that you could utilize for yours?

Every couple should have one of a kind engagement photos! That’s why, here at IGOR Photography, as Dallas engagement photographers, we have gathered some celebratory props that you could showcase throughout your own engagement photos. If you would like to discover what these props are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Celebratory Champagne. There is no better way to celebrate than by popping open a bottle of bubbly! So, grab your favorite champagne, your partner, some flutes, and let the bubbles fly!! This is a sure-fire way to add a festive appeal to your engagement photos.

  • Custom Signs. You can add a great deal of personalization to your engagement photos with the use of signs! Whether you are highlighting your new last name, wedding date, or a fun message, know that your signs will add a celebratory sense of style to your images.

  • Festive Smoke Bombs. An ideal way to add some fun to your engagement photos is with the use of smoke bombs! These festive fireworks will add color to your images in a truly celebratory way. You can highlight one or two colors, or flood your images with a rainbow, which will certainly amp up your photos!

  • Whimsical Balloons. Add a whimsical appeal to your engagement photos by utilizing balloons! You can get a little playful and appear as though the balloons are lifting you away into the air. Or, write words among them, such as “Mr” and “Mrs.”, your wedding date, or new last name. In addition, you can showcase an array of colorful balloons, or your chosen wedding colors. The opportunities are truly endless!

  • Furry Friends. Do you have pets in your life? If so, have them join your for your engagement photo session! They are the perfect way to add a dash of happiness to your images in a celebratory way. You can walk your dog, toss around a ball or frisbee, and even have your pet add some fun to your photos, such as by placing your engagement ring among their nose, or having a photo captured of you and your partner’s hand, along with your dog’s paw…so cute!

Your engagement photos deserve to be celebratory! These are just a few props that you could utilize for yours.

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So, if you are all set to have your own images captured by an engagement photographer in Fort Worth, Texas, please contact us here at IGOR Photography! We believe that every couple should be presented with one of a kind images, and would be pleased with the opportunity to ensure that you are.