1. Relax , Okay it is easier said then done but try not to be a super bride, It's easier to think you can do the wedding planning nuch better than anyone else , but you should try to relinquish some tasks to the rest of the bridal party, family and groom (if he's interested:)

Don't arrive at the big day with unpolished shoes, unassembled party favors and unstamped invitations.

Something you might not know, Is that people want to help with your wedding planning! Especially your bridal party, they want to relieve some stress from you and make this an event to remember.

Do take a spa day, relax and drink a Mojito or 2!

2. Cash bar? This notion can actually come off a little rude and off-putting.

The last thing guest want to do is to flip open their wallets when trying to enjoy a celebratory event. Your wedding! Ask your cater for lower cost options, for example only serve beer and wine instead of mixed cocktails that are steep in price. If you want to include a variety of drinks you don't have to include Top-shelf liquor . When invited to a wedding party you don't want to have to pay for the "fun".

3. Don't keep your guest waiting.

It's understandable that there are things that absolutely need to be done or can't be helped. But one thing that you can do to minimize the down time in between is try to make the ceremony and reception in the same location, if not relatively close. If the locations have large gaps, try to accommodate and provide transportation.

Taking formal pictures after the ceremony? Have your wedding coordinator or wedding photographer have a list on hand of the pictures and the arrangements you must have, all other pictures can be taken later during the reception. Remember, while guest are dancing or eating you can always use these moments to borrow your photographer and take some romantic pictures with your groom .

4. Don't watch a marathon of HGTV and" DIY" your entire wedding.

While I do envy the creative, spunky bride, ' DIY" needs to be in moderation, unless you really just enjoy these things then I say "Go for it!" but once again this is your day, and I highly advise delegating these tasks to other members of the bridal party. The idea of DIY is to save money and make your wedding one of a kind, but if you aren't the really hands on type of bride and you are just trying to save money, then DO beg, borrow or simply buy the rest of the things you need. Some DIY creations can end up being more stressful in the end.

Last but not least

5. Do include your fiance.

This is as much his day as it yours, although most people put the emphasis on the bride, this is a life changing event for the two of you.

Don't get stuck on deciding between mini sliders, crab cakes or flower arrangements, instead focus on your future together and in having a great time, in the midst of all this wedding planning ask him what color he wants to paint the bedroom. Try to avoid wedding talk for 24 hours and plan a date night that centers on the both of you.