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Healthy Tips for Maxed Out Brides-To-Be


Healthy Tips for Maxed Out Brides-To-Be

Brides want their wedding to be a dream come true. Unfortunately, when the stress of

planning that picture-perfect day takes a toll, sometimes your health can falter. If you aren’t

quite feeling up to snuff, here’s how to get back on track so you’re able to savor every moment

when you walk down the aisle.



A Pretty Simple Guide to Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations can seem overwhelming. Where do you shop for them? How much will they cost? And what else needs to be included aside from the main invite? These are all great questions that every bride asks herself. Unfortunately, some brides don’t get the answers they need and in turn feel stressed throughout the wedding invitation process.

Ordering wedding invitations online can be a super simple process once you know what your doing. Thanks to Basic Invite and the tips they’re bringing us today on what to order, when to order, and answers to the age-old etiquette dilemma all of you brides-to-be will be invitation pros in no time.

From the start of you engagement all the way to post-nuptials there are endless opportunities to incorporate wedding stationery into your festivities. Here’s what Basic Invite offers:

- Engagement announcements and invitations

- Bridal shower invitations

- Save the dates

- Wedding invitations and enclosure cards

- Wedding day stationery

- Guest books

- Thank you notes

- Wedding announcements

Personalize your wedding invitations with photos for a more personal touch!

Personalize your wedding invitations with photos for a more personal touch!


So, what all goes into a wedding suite?

A straightforward question with a not-so-straightforward answer but once you know your options and weigh those against your needs it’s easy to navigate.

Start with the wedding invitation. This is going to be the main focus of your suite. Be sure to include all the main event details here – who, what, where, when, and why.

Next, the enclosure cards – a rule of thumb to follow is if it doesn’t apply let it fly. Not every couple needs to include every enclosure card. Enclosures include rsvp, direction, accommodation, reception, and registry cards.

How should a wedding invitation suite be put together?

There are a couple options when it comes to how an invitation suite is assembled.

Option one, go for a standard suite where each card it stacked on top of one another then secured with a belly band or ribbon to keep each suite placed nicely inside of their envelope.

Option two, opt for a pocket. These are a fancy and super organized way to deliver your invites. The invitation will be placed on the left inside flap and each enclosure will be nicely stacked on top of each other on the right inside flap where each card will be showcased flawlessly. Fold up the pocket and secure it with a sticker for a crisp look. It’s all up to you and what suites your style.

What is the proper wedding invitation etiquette?

There are various ways to follow proper wedding etiquette and when it comes to invitations there are two categories to consider.

The first being timeline. Timing for wedding invitations is vital because you want to ensure your guests have ample time to check their calendar, respond, and prepare for your special day. Following the easy timeline guide below will help make things run smoothly.

8+ months – start shopping, playing around with design customizations, and order a custom samples

6+ months – order your save the dates and choose your wedding colors

4+ months – send your save the dates and order your wedding invitations

3+ months – mail your wedding invitations and order your wedding day stationery

2 weeks after – send out your thank you notes and order your wedding announcements

Next, wording. This is where things can get tricky, but don’t stress too much on wording etiquette. Use your best judgment especially when inviting someone divorced, remarried, or in a non-martial relationship. Etiquette can be taken to a whole other level when secular traditions are involved. Luckily Basic Invite has done all the hard work for you by creating a guide to help you out.

Check out these easy to read guides on wedding etiquette and wording examples.

Choosing a style and design is easy and once you know the ins and outs of it all so is creating a custom invitation suite for you! Don’t forget to use coupon code 15FF51 at checkout for 15% off your order and follow Basic Invite on all social media platforms at @basicinvite for all the invitation inspiration you can handle!



Bridesmaids, Maid of honor, Man of honor, Best woman ..huh?


It's about to be 2017 my people! Unfathomable right ? This year has passed so fast with trends coming and going as fast as the man bun did ( it's a thing, google it).

We tell our couples, that the most important thing is how you feel at your wedding, the love, this day, this whole experience is uniquely yours. Don't try to outdo your sister in laws wedding who had the 50 ft gazebo and chocolate fondue fountain if that is something that doesn't speak to you and your groom. At the end of the day, you want the people you love the most, cherish and admire to be surrounding you as you pledge your love to your soon to be partner .

With this being said a new trend ( if you can call it that) has been swapping out the traditional best man for a "best woman", who says gender rules apply here ? Is your sister your other half and she knows what you are thinking before you speak it? That is the person who should be to the left of you as you make a commitment to your forever and always .

Bride, is your best friend the guy who always had your back in elementary, is it your brother or someone who feels like it, or does he just identify more with being part of the bridesmaids then the groomsmen? That's all perfectly okay too! Your wedding, your rules!

We have brides tell us in confidence that everyone in her bridal party was family from the grooms side or friends she had in college and never really clicked with. Don't sabotage your experience, your memories and most of all your pictures with people who don't mean the world to you standing beside you. Because you might have to frame this photo, you might have to put it in your album or worse you might have to return the favor and stand in their wedding to fill a spot.

Bridal party with Man Of Honor at the Avalon Legacy Ranch in McKinney, TX.

Bridal party with Man Of Honor at the Avalon Legacy Ranch in McKinney, TX.

Take a moment to think about people you've shared great times with, even if you haven't talked to them in awhile but you still consider each other friends. Let them know they are still special to you & you could use a good pal to stand next to you on an important day.

Then your next call is to IGOR Photography to capture that important day :)



Can we say we met at a coffee shop? Online Dating!


We are in a new millennium and what was considered the norm is not norm or standard dating practices anymore. At IGOR wedding photography, one of the first questions we ask our couples to get to know them better is "How did you meet?" we love hearing your love stories !

You would be surprised to hear that about 60-70% of our couples met online! It's funny to ask and then they look at each other unsure of whether to tell us the whole truth or not, and I already know what they are going to say! That they met online, it is nothing to be ashamed of or having to come up with some coffee shop story. Online dating done safely of course, is a great way to meet your potential partner and efficiently weed out the bad eggs .

Engagement Photography at the Dallas Arboretum

And if you are one of those couples who met online when you choose us to be apart of your day as your photographers, we will be sharing one more thing in common as well! Igor & Meaghan met online about 2 years ago, fell in love and the rest is his/her story :)

Contact IGOR photography today to discuss how you envision your wedding day captured, tell us your love story however it began , we love to hear it.

817-706-9267 (M)/ 682-233-5367 (I)



How to dress for an engagement portrait session


Your clothing for the engagement session can either break it or make it. It's not enough to just have the best engagement photographer or perfect lighting, the outcome of your engagement pictures also depends of what you and your partner are wearing. What you wear is going to influence how comfortable you are moving around and how you and your fiancé look together.

Wear comfortably and be comfortable

The first and maybe most important consideration when you choose your clothes for your engagement session is to choose a style that reflects who you are and that makes you comfortable. Don't dress up to much if it's not you, it might make you feel uncomfortable during the photo shoot. It doesn't mean that you have to wear the "sweatpants" that your wear every other day, you want to dress up a little bit, just don't overdo it, be yourself and be comfortable.

Try to avoid to go out the day before the engagement session and buy a new outfit in a rush. Make sure that you have worn the outfit a few times before and that you know what it fits right and that it makes you feel good. The day of the engagement shoot is not a day for experimentation.

Look good on your engagement photos!

The Colors and Patterns

Your garments colors and patterns are very important for how good the engagement picture turn out. Choose colors that are solid and not to bright. Avoid complicated patterns or any letters or symbols on your clothes. The key here is to keep it simple. You don't want to wear any clothing that's competing with the person and drawing attention to the clothes instead of the faces of the engaged couple.

The Shoes and the Accessories

Show Off Your Shoes! This is a piece that's very important. Make sure that the are well polished and/or clean. You can have a perfect outfit, but if they shoes are worn out and ugly, it weal break the look of your engagement pictures.

Great accessories and jewelry can give your outfit a very nice touch and it's a great way to show your style, but don't were to much of it, a nice scarf, shirt cuffs and nice watch can go a long way. Make it personal!

Show Off Your Best Assets

If you have a favorite part of your body, go for it and show it off! Have fun with a shorter skirt and and high heels to show off your beautiful legs. then have your photographer capture the perfect photos that best show your long legs.

We often like to color-match what you are wearing with the background!

Dress for the Location and Time of the year

You want to choose a outfit that won't clash with your surroundings and the "theme" of the engagement shoot, this will make sure that the photos look natural and not strangle staged, and of course dress according to the season and weather, nothing kills a shoot quicker than an engagement couple in t-shirts and mini skirts during a cold windy Dallas winter day, believe me I know!!



Alcohol & The Wedding

Weddings !

They are one of the most important and by far joyous moments of our lives. At IGOR wedding photography we have had our fair share of nervous brides and grooms. It is important to remember that this day goes by faster than you would expect and we want you too cherish every moment of it!

It is okay for brides/grooms to feel anxious and have those pre-wedding jitters, It is also more than okay, to partake in one glass of champagne, that can ease the nerves (hand your photographer a glass while you're at it ;) , but in our experience it is best to limit yourself to one glass not a bottle, you have the entire night for celebrating and you still have too make it down the aisle and through your wedding portraits in the best shape possible.

I've unfortunately had my share of inebriated brides, but more often it's the groom who has decided to celebrate a little to early!!! And can barely make it through the ceremony and although at IGOR wedding photography we make sure you get Bride & Groom portraits, it can be difficult when the groom is not coherent, the bride is now stressed out and you still have several hours before the reception is over. So try to not start the drinking to early!

It's important to pace yourself with the drinks! Weddings are meant to be fun and most of all memorable, so please go ahead and enjoy a glass or shot before the wedding if that's what you want, just make sure that you hydrate in between, and then have another glass of your favorite beverage when the toast to your marriage begins with friends and family, and then try to wait for the next drink until all wedding activities such as first dance, cake cutting and bouquet/garter toss and portraits of Groom/Bride have occurred. Then enjoy the rest of the night however you please. Even if that means not remembering your wedding night ;)

If you have a groom..or Bride that likes to party like it's 1999 ( r.i.p prince), It might be a good idea, to let guest or the bar know not to serve him/her alcoholic beverages, or tell the bar to make the drinks not as strong, with half the amount of alcohol servings.

And always make sure guest have a designated driver, if you are providing an open bar, or provide them with a place to lay their head for the night.

Let's start a new trend..


Great party at a Dallas Indian Wedding Reception!





Ceremony Vows

Thinking about writing Vows on your own ?
Find a quiet place to reflect on your relationship with your significant other, when did you first meet ? How did you feel when you first saw him/her ? Let these emotions inspire you as you write your vows. Below are questions to consider while writing :

  •     Why did you decide to get married?
  •     What hard times have you gone through together?
  •     What have you supported each other through?
  •     What do you want to accomplish together?
  •     When did you realize you were in love?
  •     What do you most respect about your partner?
  •     How has your life gotten better since meeting your mate?
  •     What about them inspires you?
  •     What do you miss most about them when you're apart?
  •     What qualities do you most admire in each other?

 Come up with something you promise to do each day or promise to do in the future.
This is the whole purpose of writing Vows and reciting them to each other , "Include promises that are broad in scope, such as 'I promise to always motivate you,' also something very specific to the two of you, like 'I promise to say "I love you" every night even if you are away on a business trip.

A Dallas Bride writing a love letter to the groom.

Write everything out and start structuring a speech:
You have all your bullet points now, it's time to try to make it all flow together and to write a first draft, probably the first of many.  Affirm your love, uplift your partner, offer promises and close with The final vow. Write this almost in the format of an essay ,where you write a short love story, then come back to it at the end.

Do away with Cliches:
You have a first draft or two, it's time to make edits. Borrow from poetry, books, religious and spiritual texts, even from your favorite romantic movies, but try not to let someone else words compete with your own, Remember that your vows need to sound like they come from you and that they define your relationship.

Too Personal?
It's your wedding day and family,friends and loved ones are present to hear you solidify your bond, so be aware that everyone wants to feel included in this moment. That means putting a cap on inside jokes, deeply personal anecdotes and obscure nicknames or code words. If you are not sure and trust a best man or maid of honor to read it aloud back to you, hearing your words may help you revise your vows, and get the feel for how something comes across, ask for their feedback as well if you feel comfortable.

Fight the urge to write a novel :
Vows are so important, but they should not run on and on where someone will have to eventually cue the music. Say all the meaningful things and then wrap it up. This is also why reading it aloud will help you edit, if you run over two minutes, it's time to edit. If you have more to say , write it in separate message with a gift and have it delivered to your fiance on the day of your wedding.
You've written epic vows, you have tears in your eyes from crying or laughing, either is good.
Now read it aloud with her or him in mind and rest easy that you have one more thing checked off your wedding list.




Wedding Planning I do's & Dont's


1. Relax , Okay it is easier said then done but try not to be a super bride, It's easier to think you can do the wedding planning nuch better than anyone else , but you should try to relinquish some tasks to the rest of the bridal party, family and groom (if he's interested:)

Don't arrive at the big day with unpolished shoes, unassembled party favors and unstamped invitations.

Something you might not know, Is that people want to help with your wedding planning! Especially your bridal party, they want to relieve some stress from you and make this an event to remember.

Do take a spa day, relax and drink a Mojito or 2!

2. Cash bar? This notion can actually come off a little rude and off-putting.

The last thing guest want to do is to flip open their wallets when trying to enjoy a celebratory event. Your wedding! Ask your cater for lower cost options, for example only serve beer and wine instead of mixed cocktails that are steep in price. If you want to include a variety of drinks you don't have to include Top-shelf liquor . When invited to a wedding party you don't want to have to pay for the "fun".

3. Don't keep your guest waiting.

It's understandable that there are things that absolutely need to be done or can't be helped. But one thing that you can do to minimize the down time in between is try to make the ceremony and reception in the same location, if not relatively close. If the locations have large gaps, try to accommodate and provide transportation.

Taking formal pictures after the ceremony? Have your wedding coordinator or wedding photographer have a list on hand of the pictures and the arrangements you must have, all other pictures can be taken later during the reception. Remember, while guest are dancing or eating you can always use these moments to borrow your photographer and take some romantic pictures with your groom .

4. Don't watch a marathon of HGTV and" DIY" your entire wedding.

While I do envy the creative, spunky bride, ' DIY" needs to be in moderation, unless you really just enjoy these things then I say "Go for it!" but once again this is your day, and I highly advise delegating these tasks to other members of the bridal party. The idea of DIY is to save money and make your wedding one of a kind, but if you aren't the really hands on type of bride and you are just trying to save money, then DO beg, borrow or simply buy the rest of the things you need. Some DIY creations can end up being more stressful in the end.

Last but not least

5. Do include your fiance.

This is as much his day as it yours, although most people put the emphasis on the bride, this is a life changing event for the two of you.

Don't get stuck on deciding between mini sliders, crab cakes or flower arrangements, instead focus on your future together and in having a great time, in the midst of all this wedding planning ask him what color he wants to paint the bedroom. Try to avoid wedding talk for 24 hours and plan a date night that centers on the both of you.



Green is the new White, Eco-friendly Weddings


Want to leave a green foot trail on your big day?

We have compiled a list of fun and inventive ways that actually cushion your bank account, accommodate your guest and add lasting memories to your wedding in an Eco-friendly way.

When it comes to being more Eco-friendly most people associate this movement with more cost but it doesn't have to be.

  • Glam-squad

Did you know there are environmentally conscious makeup lines, with green in mind? For instance a company named RMS $36, the product not only nourishes your skin, they put special care into the packaging which is made from recyclable glass & recyclable aluminum lids.

- The Lip Bar Lipstick $20, sounds like a lot but compared to other brands like Mac, they are about the same price, except The Lip Bar provides the ecological factor, using natural & organic ingredients.

  • Say Cheese - Eco-conscious Wedding Photography

When it comes to our wedding photography, we try to leave a green thumbprint in many ways as well! Here at IGOR Photography we provide you a link to a gallery that lets you, friends, family and loved ones access your pictures, share and download them and choose the ones that you want printed or framed. Try to cut down on the paper-trail by asking your photographer for digital photos. That way you can look at them online and choose which ones you would like to print, before requesting them all to be printed. If you want more ways to be Eco-friendly, you could also see if your photographer fits your green values with this simple check list.

Does your wedding photographer use:

- rechargeable batteries,

- non-toxic ink

- 100% post-consumer waste paper

- LED or CFL bulbs

- Recycling

Are we there yet?

Not only do we want all of our guest to arrive on time and safely at the given destination, but why not add a green stamp to it as well? We can kill two, or 3 birds with one stone with these simple ideas.

Have you choose a venue for the ceremony or reception yet? If not, try to choose a venue that can be acceptable for both or if it has to be two different locations try to make them close and have one large van that can transport everyone in one large or a few short trips instead of everyone taking their own car. Carpooling, or an energy buss/trolley work for this purpose as well to cut down on emissions.

  • Be Charitable.

Be Eco-chic. Most brides never think of this last option and for some it may not even be an option! But if you are one of the few who decide that you took pictures of your beautiful gown and that's the  best way it will be remembered, you possibly would like to donate your gown after the big day. Let someone else make memories of their own in your dress.

other options:

- Family gowns have fit and altered.

- Eco-friendly wedding designers (they exist)

- Eco-couture gowns

-One time wear bridesmaid dresses

  • Something to remember me by.

Party favors:

This simple element of every wedding can be extravagant or as small as you'd like, but let's be honest most of these trinkets are destined for the garbage can, adding to the already amounting waste we have in the world.

Think green! Give gifts that are sure to be used or at least re-gifted.

- Soy candles

- Potted plants

- Edibles

Charity Donations:

After all, wedding favors can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars for all guest, another non tangible idea could be making a small donation in honor of each guest to a charity that is important to you and your groom.

No matter what your style and taste, there or endless ways that your wedding can echo volumes to the contribution of the green revolution.






Something Blue & Saying I do


When it comes to the important details of your wedding, it all boils down to the intimate details that you can look back on and cherish.

That's why I love the longstanding superstition behind a well versed chant, known to many brides to be.

Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe!

The Something old is to represent the brides family/heritage or anything from her past that is dear to her that she is carrying into the future

Tips & fun ideas :

Some brides like to (If handy) have a piece of their mothers or grandmothers dress or veil sewn into bouquet or the inside pocket of the new dress, an even better idea if you have the budget have the dress your grandmother/mother wore custom fitted to you with modern touches added to fit your present style.

Other ideas?

  • Necklaces, pearls, beading representative or belonging to someone dear to you added to dress or bouquet.
  • Do you have a old love note/letter hubby- to be wrote you ages ago? Fold that up really small and seal it in your bouquet as well, or wear it in the bodice of your dress, close to your heart.

Something new:

This symbolizes your future with your husband and starting a new life. Most likely your dress that you're wearing or your shoes are new, and that can fill most requirements but if not, usually a gift from groom to be before the ceremony or the brides parents and/or bridesmaids.

Something Borrowed:

This can be vary in different ways to many brides. This can be a gift that is presented from a friend or mother that is happily married, bringing good fortune to you on your wedding day and in your marriage.


  • Earrings that person presenting gift wore on their own wedding day.
  • a garter is a fun idea as well and the most traditional, just make sure to bring a back up garter, so hers doesn't get tossed in the activities.
  • a venue/city, are you getting married in the same chapel or city your parents did? This can also be considered your something borrowed and also bringing a closer bond to your parents, their son-in-law and you.
  • wrap your dads tie around your bouquet to make an elegant statement.
  • a veil from mother or grandparent.

Something Blue:

This part of the rhyme is by far the most interesting a symbol of fidelity and love. Did you know white wasn't even considered a traditional color until late 19th century? It was Blue, like The Virgin Marys clothes in Christian Art. Something blue, is where brides like to get the most creative!

  • Blue stitching in the hem of the gown, with "something blue" written or initials, dates, and cherished words.
  • Ribbons, flowers or sapphires delicately placed in the hair or the bouquet.

Fun ideas?

  • Have your bridal party write brief personal notes on the bottom of your heels with a blue sharpie or a new trend "tar-dis-blue" it's small vinyl decals that can be put on the bottom of your heels ..or cake, wedding invitations, or centerpieces .
  • I've even seen blue henna tattoos in place of the garter, (something the groom can't take off but definitely admire on the honeymoon).

and last but not least, a sixpence (equaled to 6 pennies) in her shoe, placed in the left shoe or taped to bottom to bring good luck and wealth.

  • Can be as simple as a penny or whichever coin you choose.
  • Want to be authentic? Check Amazon or Google for actual sixpence coins and have it delivered before your wedding day.


Don't stress if you can't meet all the requirements, following these traditions is a fun way to create new lasting memories in your marriage.




The tradition of the Engagemnt Ring & Wedding Ring


The Wedding Ring as a symbol of everlasting love and the perpetual bond that joins a man and a woman in marriage, has a long, interesting and intriguing history.

Since its appearance in Egypt nearly 5,000 years ago, the wedding ring has represented several facets of the traditional wedding vows.

The ancient Egyptian civilization grow up along the fertile flood plains of the river Nile. This river was the source of prosperity and life to the Pharaoh's people, and from plants growing on it's river bank were the first wedding ring fashioned. The wedding ring is a circle, symbolizing the cycle and eternity of love.
The first wedding ring was usually made out of a plant material, most often hemp, grass or reeds, and lasted only a year or so before replacement was necessary. Back then it was only a symbol of love and commitment and not a status symbol at all.

The wedding ring was worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, as is a custom today, due to a belief that a vein in this appendage ran through the body and directly to the heart. This wedding ring idea was enthusiastically embraced by the Romans and many other European cultures, who worn rings made of iron and gold. During the reign of George I of England, the wedding ring was often worn on the thumb. Louisa of Prussia, wore the wedding ring on the little finger of the right hand, while an old Russian custom made the bride and groom to wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger.

Another widespread myth which still persists in some cultures is the idea that the wedding ring must fit absolutely perfectly, or otherwise it would be detrimental to the entire union. It was believed that a wedding ring which was too tight would hint at an oppressive marriage that would be riddled with jealously, control and suspicion, while the wedding ring that was too loose would lead to carelessness and perhaps even infidelity for the newlywed pair.

The Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a symbol that the person wearing it is engaged to be married and represents a formal agreement, especially in Western cultures. In many Western countries, engagement rings are only worn by women, and rings can feature diamonds or other gemstones. In other cultures around the world both women and men wear matching engagement rings. In some cultures, engagement rings are also used as wedding rings.

The woman's ring is presented as an engagement gift by a man to his prospective spouse while he proposes marriage or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal. In Western countries, it is normally worn on the left hand ring finger, though customs vary across the world.

After marrying, the couple may wear both engagement rings and wedding rings, or only the wedding rings. Some brides have their engagement and wedding rings permanently soldered together after marriage.

Today, most wedding rings are made from gold, silver or other precious metals, but regardless of their material they still symbolize the strength of love and unity to one another. Nowadays most wedding rings feature precious stones, most commonly diamonds, the wealthy started to use diamonds rings around the 15th century in Europe. In modern times the most common type of wedding ring is a gold ring with a solitary diamond or several diamonds. The many varieties of styles of wedding rings can be customized to the wishes of the couple and you can be sure to find one for any taste and budget.

So once you get that precious engagement and wedding ring, make sure to get it beautifully photographed by a professional wedding photographer and have it included in your wedding album.



A Guide to Beautiful Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitations are an integral part of a wedding’s theme and the “mood” you want to set for your ceremony. After all, if the purpose were to solely inform the guests of the details of the event, then you could just send an mass email or standard postcard. However, the invitation also serves as a souvenir of a special occasion, and an announcement of a couple’s love. Like the wedding ceremony itself, it should be beautiful and personal.

Selecting the Wedding Invitation’s Design

There are thousands of ready-made wedding invitations to choose from; simply select a design, choose a photo, send the details, and the printer can have it ready within weeks. With such a wide selection, it may be difficult to pick which one is best. Here are the things to consider:

  • Formal or casual. You want a wedding invitation to complement the overall theme and mood of the wedding. Is your wedding formal or casual? A formal wedding may need classic script fonts, formal wording, and the traditional double envelope. A more casual invitation may use more modern fonts and more natural wording (i.e., instead of “we cordially invite you”, say “please join us…”) and an engagement photo, but care must be taken to retain the solemnity of the occasion. Let’s say you want to enclose a photo of you and your fiancé—not typically done for more traditional invitations. Wear appropriate clothes to the engagement photo shoot: shorts and tank tops simply don’t work for this photo session.
  • Color. You should always choose a subdued color. If you are using a rather bright color for your motif, like turquoise, opt for a delicate ribbon trim or small accents at the sides or corners rather than applying it to the whole invitation. This makes the invitation look more classy, and again, is in keeping with the nature of the event. It’s a wedding, not a party at a trendy night club.
  • Personal Touches. You can add a short poem, a photo of the engaged couple, or a song lyric from the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Invitation Inserts, templates and personalization

Most wedding invitation companies can provide a selection of templates where you just have to fill in the specific names, include photos, places and dates. However, many couples prefer to make their own, to make the invitation less stiff and more personalized. If so, here are a few guidelines:

  • It is not necessary to put the entourage in the invitation. However, you can have a separate piece of paper listing the members that can be inserted in select invitations—specifically those that go to the entourage themselves, and to the more immediate family and friends. They would appreciate the souvenir; plus, it is a way of thanking them for their participation.
  • Include a nice engagement photo in the invitation to make it more personal and modern
  • You’d never forget to put the date and the venue, but many couples forget to put a map to the church and/or reception area. A map would be very helpful, and would save many guests any inconvenience especially if the wedding is located in a place they are unfamiliar with.
  • If you are trying to control the number of guests, insert a small card that says, “We have reserved __ seats for you.” This is a subtle and polite way of minimizing the headcount.
  • If you are moving to a new home after the wedding, you can include another small insert announcing your new address.

Regardless if you choose a pre-made template or you create your wedding invitation from scratch, make sure that you put your personal touch to it, it doesn't have to be complicated, you can even include a handwritten note to add that personal touch to it. Have fun in making your beautiful and personal wedding invitation!



Make your wedding personal, show your style!


A perfect wedding isn’t only beautiful, it’s personal, it reflects you as a person and your style. It’s got carefully selected details that are meaningful to you and your fiancé.  Here are some very simple ways to add your own subtle, unique touches to your ceremony and reception.

•Write your own wedding vows. It doesn’t have to read like perfect poetry; the important thing is that it comes from your own heart. Print it out on an index card or save it on your cell phone and keep it handy during the ceremony.

•Compile a CD or playlist with songs that symbolize your relationship or how it evolved. Play this during your reception or even burn a copy and distribute as souvenirs. Insert a small piece of paper explaining why you chose those songs.

•Instead of tossing your bouquet, present it to your mother (or a dear friend or mentor) during your reception. You can also have an additional bouquet made for your groom to present his mother at the same time.

•Guests often have free time on their hands during their reception. In the center of the table, place several pens and small pieces of paper in a pretty basket. Ask them to write their wishes, prayers, or advice for you and your fiancé. Compile it in a scrapbook.

•Most wedding reception programs revolve only around the couple: friends give speeches. Do something for the guests. Make a video of you and your fiancé talking about the people who’ve taught you what true love means. Mention friends who’ve demonstrated real loyalty, real love and friendship, and family members who made great sacrifices for you.Include their photos in your video or slideshow. This is your chance to tell them how much you appreciate them  and say thank you to all of them.

•If you have a close friend or family member who passed away, make him or her part of the occasion by inserting a small photo in your bouquet, or lighting a tribute candle at the church ceremony.

•If you have ethnic roots, incorporate a marriage ritual from your culture into your ceremony or perform it during your reception.  

•Wear a heirloom. For example, you can use your grandmother’s veil, or wear a locket that belongs to your mother. This is an excellent way of creating a sense of continuity between generations, celebrating your own family even as you go on to begin your own.

•Prepare an audio-video or slideshow presentation that will be played during the last dance of the bride with the father. This can be just a simple montage of childhood photos. This is a guaranteed tear maker!

•If you have kids, help them feel like they’re part of the new family by asking them to stand next to you as you say your vows.

•Add little elements that say something about your relationship as a couple. For example, if you’re giving away picture frames, insert a poem that you wrote or a copy of your wedding vows. If you met at a beach (and would rather not have a beach-themed wedding) incorporate shells into your table centerpiece.

•Show your engagement photos at the reception in a frame or in reception book, where people can write their wishes and thoughts. Make sure that you also show a beautiful and large print of your bridal session if you have one.

The important thing is to just make it personal, to celebrate your uniqueness as a couple and have fun with your wedding style and decor.



Posing advice for Bridal Portraits


Most brides are a little bit nervous and shy when it comes to posing in front of the camera, that’s understandable. Choosing a professional wedding photographer that knows his craft well definitely helps, but so can some good posing advice. Read below for my expert advice on how to relax and look your best during your bridal photo session.

1. Bring your Maid of Honor, friend or mom

This might help you relax, letting you enjoy the moment and allowing your photographer to get really great shots of you having a good time! Just make sure to bring somebody that will cheer you up and that won't try to take over the photo session.

2. Don’t always smile

Be yourself, smile when you feel like it, relax your face and mix it up with different facial expression. Sometimes when a bride smiles heavily her eyes squint and her cheeks get wider from her smile, so it’s usually better to try to relax your smile and face, don’t try too hard to put up a smile if it doesn’t come naturally.

3. Strike that hand-on-hip pose

This common pose is called the three-quarter angle stance, and it will make you look sexy, slim and feminine. Extend one leg out in front, pivot, and plant the corresponding hand on your hip. "The result is a long, attractive, diagonal line that draws the viewers' eyes across the subject.

4. Show your female curves

The female body has beautiful curves. Improve your posture and body shape by proper balance and posing. Keep most of your weight on your back foot, and “Pop and twist your hip”, pose in front of a mirror and point your pelvis towards the right while your shoulders twist to your left. This helps show your waistline while making your knees appear narrower.

Beautiful artist Shailaun

Beautiful artist Shailaun

5. Keep your arms away from your waistline

When you keep your arms away from your waist, you show your waistline and appear slimmer. Try to make some space between the inside of their arms and their waist. By practicing this in front of the mirror, you can immediately see the difference between showing your true waist and accidentally adding inches to your waist.

6. Keep your fingers together

Sometimes brides have a hard time to know what to do with their hands and fingers. Relax your hands and keep your fingers together with a slightly cupped hand. This will look the best for most poses and avoids distracting “spread out fingers” or “clinging hands”.

7. Keep your chin up

Avoid tucking the chin, or it will ruin a great photo. When brides get nervous they instinctively lower their chin to their chest while being photographed. This creates a double chin that nobody wants to have in their bridal portraits. Try to keep your chin away from your neck in a relaxed manner.

8. How to sit pretty

Legs crossed at the ankles, and arms and shoulders drawn inwards always slim a subject down and draw more attention to the vertical emphasis. Try to sit at the edge of the seat and with a straight back.

9. Know your best side

We all have a better side. Knowing which one is your better facial side can make a huge difference. Take a few test shots with your camera or phone and look at the results.

10. Most importantly, have fun during your bridal session!

Relax, have fun and don’t try too hard, a great wedding photographer will get you great bridal portraits if you listen to his posing advice.



The 20 most common wedding photography mistakes to avoid!


Read about the common mistakes below that you can easily avoid if you just take some time to properly plan your wedding and wedding photography.

1. Not having a Wedding Day Schedule

Talk to your wedding photographer before finalizing the schedule for your wedding day. There is a lot to consider in terms of photographing, time needed and natural light. Certain times of day are more photogenic than others and your photographer needs to have some time set aside for the portraits.

2. Letting Relatives Get in the Way

We have a name in the industry for a guest who shows up with pro photo equipment and takes “unofficial wedding pictures”, we call him Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob may think he's doing you a favor by taking more shots for the couple, but usually he just gets in the way and makes us miss our shots. Tell Bob to leave the camera at home and just enjoy his time at the wedding without working.

3. Not Sticking to the Schedule

Pay attention and respect the wedding day schedule you and your photographer discuss prior to your wedding. Being 30 minutes late can make or break your images. Don't just assume it only takes 5 minutes!

4. Not Explaining How You Like to Look in Photos

Beauty is really very subjective", explain if you have a physical feature that you are self-conscious about and if you have a specific angle that you like the best. Let us also now what kind of photos and style you enjoy the most, like candid, formal, artistic, in color or black & white?

5. Not Getting a Second Shooter

Sometimes brides want to save a little money or feel that it is too obtrusive for more than one photographer to be present on the wedding day. But consider this: The second photographer offers another unique point of view throughout the entire day that you would not have had photographed and one photographer can’t be at two places at the same time, and they also serve as a photo assistant.

6. Concentrating Too Much on the Photos

A good photojournalist can capture the story of their day and capture some artistic portraits without being visible all the time", try to just enjoy your wedding day.

7. Not Getting Help Organizing Your Guests

Designate a person that you trust and who knows your family and friends to be in charge of organizing people for portraits. That person can gather the people needed, direct them on what shots they will be in, and then release them when they are done. It keeps things moving quickly, smoothly, and enjoyably.

8. Trying to Make Things "Perfect"

Just have fun, whether it's getting a little cake on your face or some little detail that didn't turn out exactly like you had hoped, go with it, have fun, and keep smiling. The photos will be so different if the bride is scowling at her new hubby, don't you think?

9. Trying to Pose to Hard

A good wedding photographer gives direction for a reason: to get the best moments and shots from the day. The best thing to do is relax and act naturally. Be in the moment. Be hopelessly in love with each other, the pictures will turn out perfect!

10. Skipping the Bridal Session

The bridal session is the time for the bride to showcase her beauty and gown. Is also a perfect time to get to know your photographer and to find out how you look the very best, this is also the time when you can create something artistic and stunning.

11. Waiting Too Long to Book Your Photographer

If you find a great photographer, book them! Great photographers book a year or more out and won't be available forever, especially for a Saturday wedding. Nothing is more frustrating than choosing a wedding photographer and then finding out that they booked out your date a week prior.

12. Looking at the Camera All the Time

Some couples want candid photographs, but they always feel like they need to look up at the camera and stop what they are doing. It could be an instinct, but remember, unless the photographer asks you, try to act natural for the best journalistic shots.

13. Asking for Too Many Shots

If clients have done their homework and have chosen an experienced and reputable wedding photographer, then chances are that the photographer does not need to be provided with a two-page spreadsheet of every combination for family portraits.

14. Not Choosing a Photographer You Get Along With

Make sure that we get along. I work with clients for sometimes two years or more. If we don't get along, it's not going to be a very enjoyable time. The wedding photographer is most likely the wedding vendor that you will spend the most time with.

15. Having a DJ blasting the dance floor with “lasers lights”

Nothing is more annoying and looks worse than green laser light dots and streaks on your dance floor pictures, it will ruin those pictures every time.

16. Skipping the Engagement Session

Engagement sessions increase the confidence and comfort level of the bride and groom in front of the camera and allows the bride and groom to practice having their photo taken in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Ultimately, an engagement session will let the bride and groom see how the photographer works, which leads to comfort and trust in the photographer. These photos make great reception photos!

17. Falling for Photography Trends

Too many times, brides fall for something trendy in photography. Remember all the colored bouquets in B & W photos or all the hazy photos captured against the sun? It is important that these images stand the test of time and are valued for each following generation. Trends are fun but rarely last! Look for a photographer with a timeless shooting style, and be wary of too much Photoshop and “digital tricks”, manipulations and fads.

18. Not Hiring a Professional Photographer

This is a big one! Choose someone who is a professional and not just anyone with a camera. Family and friends seldom make good wedding photographers for your wedding. Make sure the photographer you choose has training and experience as a professional photographer, has the equipment and ability to consistently capture the moments of your wedding no matter what situations may arise. You should expect to spend between $2,000 and $6,000 for any decent wedding day photography, this is not where you want to cut corners.

19. Not smiling, All the Time

Tell all of the people walking down the aisle to look up and smile. If they are too nervous to smile, they should at least keep their head up and look down the aisle. This helps keep the face from forming the 'evil double chin' look that happens when you stare at the floor while walking!

20. Forgetting the Details

Think about spending a few minutes to decide what details and decorations are important to photograph, did your mother make special wedding favors? Are you carrying important heirlooms with you?

OK, so here you have a few common wedding photography mistakes to avoid, now put them in your "memory bank" and continue with the wise wedding planning!



Bridal tip for your wedding day!


Tip of the day for the bride and bridesmaids! Wear a dress shirt while you are getting the hair and make up done! Why? Brides often wear T-shirts that have to be pulled over their freshly coiffed hair at the end. Dress shirts, however, can be unbuttoned without doing any damage to your beautifully done hair. A small tip that will make you wedding day more enjoyable.


10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer


10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer


There are so may reasons why you should do your proper research and hire a professional wedding photographer for your wedding. Don't cut corners, you wedding day is not the day to hire the lowest priced photographer that you can find. These are just a few of the most important reasons without mentioning anything about the photographers artistic talent:

  1. Liability — Professional wedding photographers carry liability insurance to cover any property damage during a photography shoot. IGOR Photography carries liability insurance for up to 2 million dollars.
  2. Releases — Professionals know when Model and Property Releases are required and what they should include.
  3. Paperwork — Professionals use contracts, pay taxes and document the scope and cost of each job.
  4. Equipment — Professionals have state of the art photo equipment and back-ups to get the job done even if there’s an equipment failure.
  5. Efficiency — Professionals work to ensure your client’s or your business incurs minimal disruption during the shoot and that the photo job gets done efficiently.
  6. Budget — Professionals stay on budget and inform you immediately if any change will later the price.
  7. Copyright — Professionals understand copyright law and how it impacts the use of the images for their clients.
  8. Licensing — Professionals know that images must be licensed to protect you and the work created.
  9. Deadlines — Professionals meet deadlines and arrive on time.
  10. Customer Service — Professionals treat you and your clients with courtesy and respect.

What may initially appear to be a deal can very easily turn into an expensive headache when the resulting images do not meet expectations. In the long run, hiring a qualified professional wedding photographer is an investment that can save time, money, frustration and tears.