Brides want their wedding to be a dream come true. Unfortunately, when the stress of

planning that picture-perfect day takes a toll, sometimes your health can falter. If you aren’t

quite feeling up to snuff, here’s how to get back on track so you’re able to savor every moment

when you walk down the aisle.

Settle Your Stress

Stress goes hand-in-hand with planning a major life event, but even though that’s normal,

Health points out it can be hard on your well-being. You might experience headaches and

digestive upset, or be more susceptible to colds. It can make it hard to focus and make

decisions. Anxiety, mood swings, and irritability can also rear their ugly heads, making it that

much more challenging to enjoy this special time in your life.

Bolster Your System

Other than perhaps a happy tear or two, you don’t want to be sniffling when your big day

arrives. If you’re trying to slim down for your wedding, your body can be strained that much

more. Balanced nutrition can play a crucial role in managing weight and keeping your immune

system in check, so make sure you’re consuming sufficient essentials, like iron, folic acid, and


A multivitamin is a smart way to ensure you’re getting all the nutrition you need, although be

forewarned, not all multivitamins are created equal. Sometimes they contain questionable

ingredients, and your body might not even be able to absorb much-needed nutrition. Since the

government doesn’t regulate dietary supplements, finding one that’s high-quality is of

paramount importance. Do some research and purchase a multivitamin composed of

appropriate, bio-available ingredients.

Choose Fit Foods

Are you a stress eater? All too often, we turn to junk foods when we’re feeling maxed out, but

that can compound your anxieties, especially when you’re trying to stay slim. Eating Well

explains well-chosen foods can not only help you watch your weight, but they can also help you

keep stress in check. Think about some simple foods you can reach for when you have the

munchies, rather than soft drinks, chips, and convenience meals.

For example, tea seems to help reduce cortisol levels, so quench your thirst with a super-easy

healthy chai latte. When you want a snack, reach for a handful of nuts to lower blood pressure

and reduce your fight-or-flight response. Similarly, salmon offers anxiety-reducing omega-3s,

and your body can glean cortisol-lowering magnesium from spinach. To get the most from your

meal, toss a simple salmon salad together next time you’re getting hungry. By eating foods that

are healthy, satisfying, and stress-reducing, you can feel good and stay on track.

Soothe the Savage Beast

When searching for simple ways to feel better, keep in mind the old saying about soothing the

savage beast. As VerywellMind explains, music can have a profound effect on how you feel,

promoting relaxation and providing a healthy stress management tool. It can help you chill out,

energize you, refocus your mind, and help you stay positive. When the caterer has a hiccup late

in the game, or the flower shop needs to make a change, put on your favorite playlist and feel

the tension drift away.

Put Your Mind at Ease

One of the healthiest coping methods you can add to your wedding prep is mindful meditation.

It’s a chance to settle your nerves, quiet your thoughts, and spend time in self-introspection.

Plan to begin each day with a simple meditation so you’re starting off on the right foot, and learn

a few breathing exercises that you can take with you into whatever situations come along. You’ll

breeze through mishaps and snags without skipping a beat!

When wedding jitters take a toll, you need to take especially good care of yourself. Bolster your

immune system with a quality multivitamin, eat properly, play some tunes, and practice

mindfulness. With these simple, stress-busting, health-boosting strategies, your big day will be a

dream come true.