Your wedding requires a lot of planning, from your attire to your color scheme. After spending so much time designing your wedding details, surely you will want these beautiful colors and elements to decorate your wedding album. However, there is another rewarding style you can incorporate into your photos, such as black and white photography.

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Yes, your wedding album can certainly show off the beautiful hues that color your big day. But, adding intricate and striking black and white photos can bring an elegant and sophisticated edge to your wedding collection. Imagine flipping through your wedding album, seeing many beautiful colors, and then flipping the page and viewing a breathtaking, high contrast black and white portrait of you within your wedding dress…These photos will add a stunning dynamic to your overall collection.

Here at IGOR Photography, as Fort Worth wedding photographers, we believe that photos should provide many different views of your wedding day that will take your breath away! That’s why we have put together a few reasons as to why you should incorporate some black and white photos into your wedding album. If you are planning your own wedding photography, be sure to continue reading for inspiration:

  • A Few Basics. To say that your wedding day will be filled with emotional moments is like saying that water is wet. Black and white has been proven to be a stunning style to present emotional moments through photography. Imagine your big reveal, all dressed up and perfected within your wedding gown. Imagine your father seeing you for the first time as a bride. Black and white photos will allow you to be presented as the center focus of the image, as colors can become distracting. So, you can capture the beauty that lies within your facial expressions for a truly appreciated outcome. There are many moving moments that will fill your big day, and capturing them with black and white photography will provide a dramatic flair, presenting an undeniable impression. I personally love black and white photos when the photo reveals strong emotions, the black and white shade adds drama and accentuates feelings.

  • A Few Pros. Black and white is a wonderful style for photography for many reasons. While color offers its own pros, black and white has a few benefits that are especially helpful within wedding photography. It’s understandable that you want everything to be perfect for your wedding day. Black and white photography is the first form of photography, from the daguerreotype photos, wet plate collodions, tintype, and 35mm film, it’s all timeless forms of image capturing. We, these days, enjoy the luxury of having the option of capturing in color, then processing into black and white, while in the old times, it was either or. In my opinion, some images are much stronger in black and white, and some are not. Trust you photographer and allow them to be creative, after all, you picked them for their style. Either way, whether your photographer converts some of your photos to black and white or not, you will always receive the colored photo too.

  • A Beautiful Balance. Although black and white presents many beautiful elements for your wedding album, not every photo needs to be black and white. If you are reluctant to give up the color within your photos, don’t worry! Your wedding album can present a perfect balance of black and white photos with a nice mix of color too. This is your wedding album, it doesn’t have to be one way or another. So, indulge in your colorful wedding photos, as well as the striking black and white photos, for a stylish mixture of both. You will surely appreciate the dynamic that your collection will present. After all, you will receive all of your black and white photos in color too.

Your wedding photos will be your best reminder of how incredible your wedding day was. These are just a few reasons as to why you should capture some black and white photos too on your big day!

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Are you ready to have your own nuptials captured by a wedding photographer in Dallas, Texas? If so, please contact us here at IGOR Photography, as we are all set to preserve your memories through photography!