There are an array of different styles that your engagement photos can showcase. You and your partner share a unique relationship, and surely you would like that dynamic to shine throughout the images captured. From traditional to reflective, it comes down to how you and your partner want to represent your relationship within your photos.

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Have you given any thought to the style that you want to highlight throughout your own engagement photos? Keep in mind that they will not only celebrate your engagement, but can also be used to announce your big news, enhance your save the dates, or can even be framed within your home.

Here at IGOR Photography, as Dallas engagement photographers, we believe that every couple should be able to create engagement photos that speak about who they are as a couple! That’s why we have put together a few tips to help you decide on what style you would like your own engagement photos to represent. If you are in search of some photographic inspiration, be sure to continue reading to help inspire you:

  • A Little Playful. Are you put off by the lack of originality and inspiration within normal engagement photos? It’s understandable if you want to bring more personality to your images, especially to highlight the playful nature of your relationship. You and your partner can enjoy yourselves, whether you are playing in the snow together, making silly faces, or just goofing around, you will surely be able to capture the playful nature you share if you just act natural and have fun. It may not be, so much, the faces that you make, but the reactions that you will want to capture!

  • Sharing a Kiss. Who doesn’t love a heartwarming kiss from their partner? From a modest kiss on the forehead, to jumping into your partner’s arms and planting one on them, this is a romantic act that you only share with each other. So, a kiss will certainly pose as the perfect addition to your engagement photos, and foreshadows the kiss that you will share on your wedding day, sealing the deal! Overall, it is important to remember that your engagement is all about love, and the intimate bond you share as a couple. So, don’t let the embraces stay hidden!

  • Some Suspense. It makes your heart race as you stare into your partner’s eyes. It creates a romantic suspense between you! You and your partner meet each other’s eyes, face to face, and take in everything you love about each other before your lips actually meet. This moment provides the perfect shot to capture your profiles. You can showcase your closeness, as well as every beautiful feature that you admire about each other, within your engagement photos. What could be more stunning?

There is no right or wrong way to capture your engagement photos, as they are your way to celebrate this exciting time within your life. These are just some of the most popular styles of engagement photos that you could capture on your own big day. 

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If you are ready to have your own images captured by an engagement photographer in Fort Worth, Texas, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at IGOR Photography! We believe that every love story should be beautifully preserved, and would be honored with the opportunity to ensure that yours is.