The emotion of surprise and pure joy is one that should be treasured. It happens so fast, and then it’s gone before your eyes. Are you planning to propose to your partner? Planning the perfect proposal takes a lot of work. After choosing a gorgeous ring, and finding the perfect words, there is still much to do. From the best location, to the right time, you are likely planning your proposal down to the very last detail.

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This is such an exciting time, not just for you and your partner, but for all of those who love you. After creating your plan, have you considered capturing this moment with photography? Of course, your proposal will be a surprise, and your photos capturing the moment can be too!

We believe that a moment as precious as a proposal should be captured through photography! That’s why, here at IGOR Photography, as Forth Worth engagement photographers, we have put together a few ways that you can capture your surprise proposal with ease. If you are planning to ask your soulmate to spend the rest of your life with you, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

  • Share the Details. For your proposal to be captured at all, you and your photographer need to be on the same page. Talk with your photographer about your plan. Show off your venue, and then do a full walk through as you convey your strategy. This gives your photographer a better idea of what will take place, providing great insight on where to hide, and how to capture your big moment without intruding. Calculating every detail and triggering their artistic vision, your photographer will be readied with all the information needed to ensure that they capture amazing photos. Being prepared is certainly ideal!

  • Choose the Best Location. Once you have chosen your location where you plan to propose, it’s important to let your photographer know the details of the space. Of course, a walk-through is needed to inform your photographer of the master plan. However, it is still vital that you ask questions, such as where would be the most photogenic place to kneel for your proposal. Your photographer will need to choose a hiding spot, as you likely have an idea where you want the proposal to happen. Together, you can work out which exact location would be best for both of you, with the right angles and lighting.

  • Consider the Lighting. Whether you are a photography lover or not, it goes without saying that light is crucial to your pictures. Asking your photographer where the perfect lighting is will help to ensure that your photos turn out as perfect as possible. Whether you are proposing indoors or out, the proper lighting needs to be determined to create beautiful photos. Also, if you are proposing outdoors, consider the time of day that you are planning on kneeling and pulling out your ring. Providing your photographer with these details will allow them to know which gear is best for capturing such a special moment.

Capturing your proposal is such a special opportunity! These are just a few tips to assist you with doing so.

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Are you ready to preserve your own memories through photography with an engagement photographer in Dallas, Texas? If so, please get in touch with us here at IGOR Photography, as we would be excited with the opportunity to be a part of your love story!