There is on sure-fire way to showcase that you are happy and loving your wedding day, and that would be with a bright and beautiful smile! The power of a smile is unbelievable. Imagine that you are having a less than ideal day; You are walking down the street, and you just don’t feel yourself. Suddenly, you pass someone and they flash you a smile. They acknowledged you and smiled, showing that they were happy that they saw you that day. That single smile has the power to brighten up your day, even if only a little. This person didn’t say anything to you, or do anything, except smile.

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You can showcase this power within your own wedding photos as well! Just viewing your happy grin within your photos will provide you with the power to brighten just about anyone’s day. Most importantly, though, you will want to ensure that your smile is genuine, and not forced.

We believe that being genuine and true within your photos allows you and others to connect with your portraits. That’s why, here at IGOR Photography, as Dallas wedding photographers, we have put together a few tips to help you to showcase a genuine smile within your own wedding photos. If you would like to discover how to create stunning images, be sure to keep reading for some great insight:

  • Avoid the Awful Cliché. You have likely heard many times, “say cheese”, just as the camera is about to capture a photo. It has become a necessity to stray away from this awful cliché. Have you ever seen a photo of yourself as you say the word “cheese”? It is the farthest thing from a genuine smile. Photographers have blacklisted this saying, and for good reason! So, avoid saying the dreaded word when it comes to your own wedding photography.

  • The Right Smile. Everyone has at least a few different smiles for different situations. Knowing what you want your wedding photos will help you determine the type of smile you want to display. For example, if you and your partner are having fun with one another, let your flirty smile come out. Or, if you are around your family members, talk and laugh with one another, to showcase your natural grin. Let your organic smile shine by just being yourself, and never force a smile!

  • The Eyes Tell All. When you smile, you likely squint your eyes a little bit. If you are presenting a fake smile, your eyes will tell your secret without you even knowing. The moment you look at a photo of someone, you can tell in their eyes if they are genuinely happy. True happiness is reflected in the eyes. So, relax, ease your muscles, and smile from the happiness that you are experiencing on your wedding day.

You deserve to showcase beautiful smiles throughout your wedding photos! These are just a few tips to assist you with doing so.

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Are you ready to have your own big day captured by a wedding photographer in Fort Worth, Texas? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at IGOR Photography, as we would be excited with the opportunity to be a part of your nuptials!