Your big day will certainly be filled with many precious moments, from your adorable flower girl’s walk down the aisle, to your festive bridal bouquet toss. These beautiful moments will all come together to make your day a special and memorable event. These moments within your wedding are sure to have you smiling as you witness them happening.

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You can relive these precious moments with quality wedding photos! When you first receive your wedding photos, you will surely want to look through them to see just how stunning your big day truly was. However, there are a few wedding photos that are sure to paint your face with a smile!

Every couple should have a smile on their face as they look through their wedding photos! That’s why, here at IGOR Photography, as Fort Worth wedding photographers, we have gathered some of the top wedding photos that are sure to make you smile. Would you like to discover what these photos are? If so, be sure to read on:

  • Adorable Children. From your ring bearer, to your flower girl, there are likely to be many adorable children, dressed up in wedding attire, running around your big day! You can capture these precious moments within your wedding album. Looking back, you are sure to smile as you see your flower girl dropping petals down the aisle and your ring bearer looking so small and handsome as he carries your rings to the altar. Don’t forget about your many other little ones pulling out their best moves on the dance floor, playing, blowing bubbles, and enjoying your nuptials. How could you not smile when you see a child truly having fun? Their smile alone is contagious!

  • Your Furry Friend. Perhaps you have a furry friend who is actually a part of the family. They have stood by your side for years and it just wouldn’t be right If they weren’t there the day you and your partner tied the knot. Happily walking down the aisle, tongue hanging from their mouth, tail wagging, they can always warm your heart, and your wedding day is no different. If you added an adorable bow tie to your dog, a special corsage, or any other wedding accessories, don’t forget to capture these lovely details within your wedding photos. Won’t you want to remember how supportive and stylish your furry friend was on your big day?

  • Selfies. Selfies have become a huge part of our culture. Whether you are having a night out, or just enjoying a game night in, you are likely to capture a selfie with your friends as a way to remember the fun you are having. Your wedding may also feature many wonderful selfies, not just from your guests, but from you and your partner too! You can keep your phone handy and maybe a selfie stick nearby so you can capture you and your new partner in your first married selfie. Your photographer will also be able to catch the moment you both pose for your photo and you are sure to smile when you see your partner snuggled in close to you posing for a selfie. 

On a day filled with so many beautiful memories in the making, it only makes sense to capture the joy within your photos! These are just a few photos that are sure to have you smiling when viewing them.

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Are you ready to have your own nuptials captured by a wedding photographer in Dallas, Texas? If so, please contact us here at IGOR Photography, as we would be thrilled will the opportunity to preserve your most precious memories!